Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bench-REVAMPED 2014

Hi Guys,

We haven't posted anything on here in a long time, hope everyone has been well. We have been busy but we missed blogging and vlogging so hope you guys enjoy this quick post.

We had a busted ass bench on our deck that we've had for over 5 years. We decided to go and get new cushions and pillows for it and we ended up spending about $200.00 which is more than what we even paid for the bench, so we ended up returning everything because it didn't seem worth it. I figured it would be kinda easy to just buy some fabric and sew some new cushion covers and not spend a fortune. We were going to go over to Joanne's and try and find some cheap waterproof fabric but then I thought that might be kinda pricey as well. We are actually not that cheap but come on guys it's an old bench we didn't want to drop a lot of cash on it. You know what you can do with $200? A lot :-) Then I thought hmmmmm...we could use a shower curtain to cover the cushions, I mean I figure that they are waterproof already so hey let's see what happens. It was so cheap that even if it didn't work out that we didn't spend that much money so it was worth a try. I think that the shower curtains were about $10 bucks and we bought two. I already had the thread and sewing machine and I used the old cushions so all in all this was a really cheap bench revamp. So here you go...let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Dudy and Dudy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Promoting our friends at OTP Records

Hey Guys! One of Dudy's Instagram friends BNice sent us some CD's in the mail. He's an up and coming       rapper from Miami and we wanted to show him and his record label some love.

We want to wish BNice and all of OTP Records the best of luck in their ventures. Much Love and Respect to all the real Hustlers world wide.

-Dudy and Dudy

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold Weather & Planet Fitness

Hey guys!! It is FREEZING here in Wisconsin but we still decided to go out anyway and get some food and check out our local Planet Fitness.  We really want to get in shape this winter and bring sexy back :-) You guys know we are total Foodies and with that comes some unwanted weight so come along with us as we try and find a new gym and begin a new healthy, fit lifestyle.
Our first stop was the car wash because Dudy is absolutely OBSESSED with a clean car.

Dudy also likes to watch the car come down the line, getting washed :-D Hehehehehe

Next stop...Planet Fitness. It was small and to the point and we liked it. Hopefully the one by our house opens soon so we can start working on the gun show and ripped abs :-D LOL!!!

Dudy's favorite part of the gym was this stretching contraption. He has a really bad back and is always trying to find some new way to stretch all around the house. This thing was pretty amazing...he will definitely be on this a lot!!!

You already know we had to stop and get food...we are Fat-Mackey's and food is always on our brains. What is more perfect on a cold winter day than a good sandwich and some soup from Panera Bread??

Dudy got the NEW Asiago Steak...

And later on that night we had to eat some more...kind of a midnight snack. Dudy wanted a Grilled Chesse on Pumpernickel...

...And I decided to have some Chicken Ramen Noodles with a Pickle and Pickle juice for my drinking pleasure. :-D Yeah we know we are weird but whatever... you guys still like us, right?!?!
Thanks for the support guys :-)