Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Promoting our friends at OTP Records

Hey Guys! One of Dudy's Instagram friends BNice sent us some CD's in the mail. He's an up and coming       rapper from Miami and we wanted to show him and his record label some love.

We want to wish BNice and all of OTP Records the best of luck in their ventures. Much Love and Respect to all the real Hustlers world wide.

-Dudy and Dudy

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold Weather & Planet Fitness

Hey guys!! It is FREEZING here in Wisconsin but we still decided to go out anyway and get some food and check out our local Planet Fitness.  We really want to get in shape this winter and bring sexy back :-) You guys know we are total Foodies and with that comes some unwanted weight so come along with us as we try and find a new gym and begin a new healthy, fit lifestyle.
Our first stop was the car wash because Dudy is absolutely OBSESSED with a clean car.

Dudy also likes to watch the car come down the line, getting washed :-D Hehehehehe

Next stop...Planet Fitness. It was small and to the point and we liked it. Hopefully the one by our house opens soon so we can start working on the gun show and ripped abs :-D LOL!!!

Dudy's favorite part of the gym was this stretching contraption. He has a really bad back and is always trying to find some new way to stretch all around the house. This thing was pretty amazing...he will definitely be on this a lot!!!

You already know we had to stop and get food...we are Fat-Mackey's and food is always on our brains. What is more perfect on a cold winter day than a good sandwich and some soup from Panera Bread??

Dudy got the NEW Asiago Steak...

And later on that night we had to eat some more...kind of a midnight snack. Dudy wanted a Grilled Chesse on Pumpernickel...

...And I decided to have some Chicken Ramen Noodles with a Pickle and Pickle juice for my drinking pleasure. :-D Yeah we know we are weird but whatever... you guys still like us, right?!?!
Thanks for the support guys :-)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Burgers & Bowling

Hey Guys!!! One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is Date Night. I get so excited when I get to go out, have a few drinks, eat some good food and people watch. This is something that I think that married couples should do to keep things fun and exciting. I mean when you first meet your later on spouse, there are dates all the time and it is a really fun part of getting to know each other and then when you get married sometimes things can get kind of comfortable. Try and keep it spicy guys...keep the love and excitement going. Guys, take your wives out for a date. Just let it be a surprise tell her what kind of outfit she should wear and don't tell her where you are going, just take her somewhere you know she'll like. Most women like that sort of thing ;-)
Dudy took me out for burgers and bowling, which was a lot of fun. BTW, date nights don't have to be fancy and extraordinary, they just have to be thoughtful.
Monk's is known for their really juicy burgers, so off we went...
I got the Mushroom Swiss burger and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had!!! The fries were perfection, golden and crispy on the outside and soft and hot on the inside. I am getting really hungry looking at these pictures...

Dudy got a Gouda Bacon burger, which was also amazing!!!

Now off to the bowling alley to kick Dudy's butt...hehehehe

Looking for a small ball was harder than I thought...I had to use one that was kinda too big, but it I'm not a professional, just having fun!!!

These shoes were beat to HELL. I already felt some type of way about wearing them because I am a clean freak and wearing shoes after several other people really grosses me out but I just took a deep breath and put the damn shoes on. Anyway that is the price we pay for a little fun, right?!?

The place was it was really nice, it felt like we had our own little kick it spot.

This was our second game and yes we know we suck, but it was all about the fun!!!
Until next time...
-Dudy and Dudy